Being a parent/caregiver is the noblest task in the world

    Because in their hands is the development of children 

                                                  that one day will inherit and lead the world.

and also a challenging task

     "Nobody taught us to be parents"
                                                        "I have no one to ask when I'm at home"

      "I have little time to spend with my kids"
              "I run out of ideas of what to do when I'm with them"
                                               "I don't want to repeat my parent's mistakes" 

is a Spanish-speaking virtual assistant that answers your parenting questions in real-time and customizes solutions for the care of your children.

From a private WhatsApp/Telegram family chat, eli accompanies you and provides professional and personalized guidance for the daily challenges in the upbringing and development of your little ones.

Watch the video to see how it works

An accompaniment designed especially for you who are a 
Spanish-speaking parent/caregiver 
of children from 

0-6 years old.

What the research says

"The future of any society depends on its ability to promote the health and well-being of the next generation. [...] When we invest wisely in children and families, the next generation will pay it back through a lifetime of productivity and responsible citizenship.." 

National Scientific Council / Center on the Developing child - Harvard University

What does it include?

Answers to your questions

Through eli, we answer your questions about upbringing and development in the privacy of your home from 9 AM to 9 PM in a private WhatsApp/Telegram family group

Customized to family needs

We profile parents/caregivers and assess children to understand the family context and the stage of development of your children.  

Development Plan

We create a customized development plan for your children and send them  as Tips and educational and fun developmental Activities to your private chat.


If a situation warrants a dedicated specialist different to development and upbringing, we will notify you and provide you with contact information if necessary.

Prediction of risk situations

We are developing Artificial Intelligence tools to identify potential risks and pitfalls in your child's development and design preventative solutions into our development plan.

Free 14-day trial


  • Support in the privacy of your home, without appointments or leaving home.
  • Answers in real-time from 9 to 9 (GMT-6) (soon will be 24hrs).
  • Simple tools for you to apply respectful, positive, and loving parenting. 
  • Supported by professionals in parenting and child development.
  • Customized to the family situation and evolution of your little ones.
  • Detection of potential risks and pitfalls in your children's development.
  • Link with other specialists if you need it at no additional cost.


The new...

We are transforming, get to know our eliBot artificial intelligence prototype by clicking here on the option of your liking.

eliBot is an evolution of eli, smart accompaniment.


What families say:

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